Effective Strategies for Improving Students Motivation and Behaviour

Conference proceedings: click here (PDF 4.14 MB)


4th September 2014


Youth panel discussion: Keeping young people engaged.

Sasha Lawrence, Senior Facilitator, Telaine Cowdrey, Alexander Ironside, Rozi Komlos, Facilitator’s in Training,  The Reach Foundation (622KB)


Enhancing student motivation, engagement, and achievement: Pathways to personal potential.

Professor Andrew Martin, Professor of Educational Psychology, School of Education, The University of NSW (979KB)

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Strategies for helping children to understand and manage their anxiety.

Maria Ivanka Milic, Clinical Psychologist, Psychstuff4kids (1.58MB)


Expel bullying.

Yana Belogiannis, Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist, Clinician and Co-Director of Clear Horizons (1.46MB)


YES:  Youth Early-intervention Study the role of school in promoting mental health recovery.

Jeanne Gehue, Mental Health Education Coordinator, Mind Plasticity (3.91MB)


Managing risk and resilience in developmental disorders – learning, behaviour and emotions.

Dr Paul Hutchins, Staff Specialist Child Development Unit, The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and Honorary Senior Paediatric Consultant, CHERI (2.80MB)


5thSeptember 2014


Integrating services and supports for at-risk children and adolescent through school-wide positive behaviour support.

Dr Tim Lewis, Professor, Special Education, University of Missouri. (1.23MB)


Positive behaviour for learning: Building teacher capability 

Jill Schofield, Coordinator, Positive Behaviour for Learning, Public Schools NSW


Positive behaviour management -managing disturbed and disturbing behaviour in the classroom.

Ian Luscombe, Consultant, BehaveAbility


Opportunity, challenge and support: Keys for enhancing students’ motivation and behaviour.

Dr Mary Ainley, Associate Professor, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne (2.89MB)


Mindfulness-based interventions for children and adolescents: What do we know so far, in theory, research and practice?

Christine Burke, Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher Mindfulness Well-Being. (2.57MB)


CHW School-Link: building partnerships to develop mental health prevention, promotion and early intervention in children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Jodie Caruana, School-Link Coordinator, Department of Psychological Medicine, Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network